GATE: On the Way to

Gamify Your Teaching


Erasmus+ project

GATE is an Erasmus+ project in which four project partners from Belgium, Turkey and Spain aim to support teachers to use gamification in their classes to improve their teaching by increasing the motivation of students.

To achieve this aim, the following two outputs have been designed: a web-based gamification tool to ease to integrate game elements into learning teaching process and an open online course on gamifying education.


Web-Based Gamification Tool

A simple LMS which includes game elements as tasks, rules, levels, points, badges, leaderboards, virtual rewards, and teams in order to facilitate gamifying teaching. A solution for satisfying teachers needs for a digital tool.


Open Online Course on Gamification

An Open Online Course to provide teachers with a broad knowledge of gamification methods, processes, elements, and tools in order to facilitate gamification in educational settings.